The integration of robotic process automation tools into management and control systems automates the processes of solving various tasks in centralized management systems of safe cities, allowing city authorities to focus on other important issues. It is known about several initiatives on the part of the government – promoting the development of applications to protect citizens from cybercrime when connected to public Wi-Fi networks. For example, in August 2022. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (USA) has introduced the LA Secure application, which can be used for free to protect people from digital threats from public Wi-Fi networks.

Main conclusions

It is expected that the segment of services and services will show significant growth due to the shift in the focus of companies on providing comprehensive and customized solutions for a safe city, allowing customers to use various functions through a single operator. Industry players are focused on implementing innovative solutions with reasonable subscription plans (as a Service) to attract key business customers and thus increase their share in the industry.

The segment of emergency response systems will register the highest average annual growth from 2022 to 2030 due to government initiatives related to the safety of children and women, as well as improving the work of emergency medical services and fire safety infrastructure.