The conference focuses on new tools, technologies and approaches. The demand for remote access systems to corporate resources, ensuring security, organizing collaboration and improving the productivity of remote work is transforming the workspace and our idea of the office. We will also discuss the problems of ensuring information security. How to control the work of remote employees, effectively manage them, while maintaining all the advantages of teamwork.

Ivan Chernov, UserGate Development Manager, told about safe remote work

Denis Seleznev, General Director of the First Form, made a report “The Seagull is a manager in the zoo of Systems: Solving 2 main problems of remoteness”.

Why the company’s efficiency decreases when switching to remote. Cases for classic production companies were reviewed by Maxim Karankevich, Director of Data and Digital Transformation Baltic Coast

Anton Andreev, Head of the Center for the development of the EVRAZ Business System Division “Siberia”, told about messengers as a corporate communication channel, or how the pandemic has become a catalyst for the development of new ways to inform employees

Stanislav Pogorzhelsky, an independent expert, answered why customers choose VDI

Denis Titov, Senior Analyst at Sportmaster Lab, Director of Coworking at Sportmaster 2020-2022, shared his experience in implementing intra-corporate coworking and moving to a flexible office model and optimizing office space

The remote access strategy was reviewed by Andrey Minaev, CISO at Fuelup

The discussion “How to improve the efficiency of remote employees and ensure the necessary level of security” was attended by: Denis Seleznev (First Form), Stanislav Pogorzhelsky (independent expert), Maxim Karankevich (Baltic Coast), Denis Titov (Sportmaster), Andrey Minaev (Fuelup) and Jan Kutmiridi (Raiffeisenbank).